Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Voiceover Artists Like Twitter

If you’ve started following this blog and have wondered where I’ve been for the last week or two, thanks. No seriously, thanks very much for following me – it certainly doesn’t hurt my ego to know that the story of my life and the swirly mist of thoughts in my brain are of interest to people in the big wide world.

I’d love to write something for you every day, but with so many projects happening at once, it can often be difficult to find the time. More importantly, sometimes I just don’t feel that I’ve anything to offer you. I’m not one of those people that post every thought and feeling on Facebook or Twitter. Whenever I feel the urge to write something, I ask myself one very simple question – “Why would any sane person care?” Funny thing…. nine times out of ten they wouldn’t, so I step away from the keyboard and turn my attention elsewhere.

Today though, I do want to talk about social networking and how powerful it really is. In this story, the service in question was Twitter. I love Twitter. When it first came out, I, like many people, simply didn’t get it. Telling people what I was doing in 140 characters or less seemed pointless. I mean I didn’t use Facebook, so why what felt like a cut down version of it? How wrong I was….

Someone I follow posted a video of a great voice over coach by the name of Nancy Wolfson. I checked her out and decided that this was someone that could really help my career, so I contacted her and in no time signed up to a series of classes and seminars. In a very short space of time she has helped me hone my skills, altered my entire approach to voice over and even helped me secure the services of an agent in the US.

I am a good client for Nancy too, and I didn’t come by way of an advert, it was a recommendation from someone that I don’t even know. The voice over community thrives on Twitter and I love being a part of that, so please come and follow me @pauljrose

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