Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Let's start at the beginning

Several  months ago I decided to hire a group of SEO experts to help me get my site onto Page 1 of Google, along with all the other search engines which make up the remaining 4% global market share.

As they worked tirelessly to see just how many times I could use the term ‘voice over’ without looking like I was trying too hard (that word again was ‘voice over’, just in case you missed it), they noticed that I had not posted a blog in nearly a whole year.

This of course, was bad. At one point I was keen to share my thoughts on anything and everything that came my way. Soon enough however, I realized that these thoughts could be condensed into 140 characters and posted on Twitter, and when you’re raising two children, time does become somewhat of a luxury.

But blog I must, and so it is that I find myself rummaging around the deepest corners of my mind to see exactly what it is that I could share with you, all the while asking the most important question – why on earth should you care?

Well that’s up to you, but if it helps, I promise to keep these short, mildly informative and perhaps even less mildly entertaining. 

One question I get asked a lot (aside from ‘did you pick up the milk’) is how I got started as a voice artist. I’m usually asked this by people looking to enter the industry themselves, and I am happy to tell them, because I know that when I was first looking, I would ask experienced people how they got their start, and I’m forever grateful to those people for the time that they gave me.

So if you’re looking for inspiration, stay tuned – or subscribe to an RSS feed or however these things work. Go easy on me – if I understood all the technical ins and outs, I wouldn’t need to pay someone to do my SEO for me.

My story begins…..in the next blog.

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