Monday, 18 October 2010

You get what you pay for

Well here I am coming up on the half way mark of my Easyjet flight to Israel and so far, everything is going pretty much as expected.

In other words, not that great.

Not that I am one to complain. Actually, that's not strictly true; I am THE one to complain, but only when my expectations are not being met, and in this case, I made a point of setting my expectations low, and so far I am doing rather well.

Saga number one was being advised by the airline to arrive 3 hours before the flight, as opposed to the regular 2. When we arrived, we were told that the systems were down so we would have to wait an hour and then check in. Brilliant.

Saga number two is that the family travelling with us made a point of checking in online in order to speed up the process. Whilst we waited to check in, they waited to drop their bags off. Their queue was much shorter than ours. We arrived at the front at the same time.

Saga number three was that the flight was delayed by an hour and then as we waited on the Tarmac, yet another hour went by before we finally took off.

The queue it seemed, was made up primarily of whingers. People tutted and moaned and voiced their low opinions of Easyjet and do you know, that was actually the thing that annoyed me the most.

I've flown with this airline on numerous occasions. I do so because it is cheap and because it strikes me that anything under 5 hours in the air really doesn't need meals, movies and all the other frills factored in to the price of my ticket.

The fact is that it is extremely rare that a flight with them goes completely smoothly. To show up at the airport, whisk through security, find my plane waiting, board, relax and fly - all on time, is a luxury I have come to accept as close to impossible.

So why moan? Why bother having a pop at the people who work here? It's rarely their fault. People need to vent, I certainly get that, but come on, you're about to go on holiday. You've got days of sun, sand and sea ahead of you and all you have to do is wait a couple of extra hours. Whack on a smile, suck it up and try and focus on the positive here.

We were hoping that young Felix might like to sleep on the plane. Well no such luck. He is wide awake and in desperate need of entertainment, and the Peppa Pig on his MP4 player is wearing a little thin.

None the less, I am on holiday and feeling good. Of course, if the hotel isn't up to scratch, then I am ready to get medieval on them. Hmmmm.... Pick a fight with an Israeli, I am not sure I fancy my chances.

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